Founder, CEO at Indie Rugs (available on iOS & Mac)
and iOS Software Engineer based in the New York City Metro Area.
Designing and building apps since 2014.


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About Me

I grew up in the New York suburbs about an hour away from NYC. Sophomore year of high school after being addicted to Minecraft, I applied and luckily received a scholarship to attend the MakeSchool Summer Academy in Manhattan - where I learned how to make iOS games and kickstarted my passion for computer science and design.

Later right after graduating highschool, I worked at a social media startup back in Manhattan, NYC. Further on and a few startups/hackathons/freelancing gigs later, I graduated the University at Buffalo with a Computer Science B.S. and Class of 2020 Entrepreneurship award.

After college I started full-time at Twitter as an iOS software engineer based in Seattle, helping improve the public conversation. Mostly notably I've helped build Twitter Circle and improve Conversation Controls, allowing you to "Change who can reply" to your Tweets.

After being laid off from Twitter 1.0, I went all-in to create Indie Rugs! A company similar to Etsy, but just for handmade rugs. Currently available only on iOS, website marketplace coming soon. Now I'm back in New York growing Indie Rugs and am open to contracting/consulting roles.

I've designed and developed a multitude of iOS apps and full-stack web apps - check below for some of my projects!

Articles / Publications

Lecture Buddy iOS App:

"Winning app Lecture Buddy streamlines note-taking for students"
- PRNewsWire
"Student creates speech recognition app, highlights keywords in lectures"
- UB Spectrum
"Award-winning app leads to other opportunities for enterprising UB student"
- UpStartNY

Business Competition:

"Computer science students take top prizes in Summer Student Sandbox"
- UB Engineering


"Upstate Hacks 2016 Postmortem - MyCart - Best usage of MongoDB"
- MongoDB

Completed Side Projects


Lecture Buddy

An app that can record a professor speaking and transcribe to text in real-time. Create highlighting keywords like 'important' and 'remember' so when they're spoken, it will highlight the sentence they're in. You can save and organize recordings into folders/subjects like 'English' and 'Social Studies'.

Won SPARK national mobile app contest award

Hacker Keyboard

An increasingly fast paced typing game in which the player's goal is to 'hack' 100 contacts from their phone. There is a checkpoint (with confetti) at every 10 contacts 'hacked'. This app was simple and fun to make.

80,000+ Downloads

A website designed to help students, entrepreneurs, and others find talented SUNY University at Buffalo (UB) student developers. Helped serve the UB ACM computer science club and UB's Blackstone Launchpad entrepreneurship program.

UB Anti-Social Club

A fully anonymous message board exclusively for students at the University at Buffalo to exchange ideas, photos, events, and other campus related information. I created the designs and iOS app. My partner/friend Declan Hopkins created the backend and Android app.

Desert Bouncer

A side scrolling game which the player collect coins in-between stone walls to survive longer, miss too many and risk losing. The pace increases over time making it hard to collect coins and survive. Users can purchase upgrades with the coins.


A color matching game that increases pace over time.

Hacker Outbreak

A 2 player fast paced typing game in which players try to ‘hack’ their opponent’s device. The successful hacker wins trophies to get a better rank.

30,000+ Downloads

Phat & Phresh

An elegent cross-platform rapping/rhyming generator. On iOS, the user can save and delete their generated rap verses. Best used to assist the creation of rap verses. Available on Web, iOS and Amazon Alexa.

Teammates: Liam Gensel, Declan Hopkins, and Peter Gottesman


A smart and simple point of sale solution that allows vendors to use a central database to manage their products and eliminates the need for a cashier and/or cash register. Uses facial recognition technology to identify the shopper’s age, smile amount and gender.

Teammate: Declan Hopkins

Best Use of MongoDB

TV Shopper

A less invasive ad experience, presenting ads/items subtly into your video. Users can swipe to learn more and then add the item directly to their cart through the tvOS app. The companion iOS app displays the cart and once they are done, they are able to check out all of their TV shopped items.

Teammates: Thanasi Stratigakis and Keivan Shahida